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Olive bar - Marco Voltolini

Brazilian smoky quartz test-cut

This is a bright and sparkly navette design. It is not very difficult to cut if you are precise setting properly the girdle. This is a design well-suited for those pieces of rough that are long and deep. Tilt performance looks way better in the real cut stone than in simulations.

This is a quite easy design to cut (especially if you consider it's an oval), but if you are using my cutting sequence you have to pay attention to the tier #2 (the first 4 girdle facets). These facets will set the final size of the stone and since you will be cutting the barion facets before the rest of the girdle you have to take this into account. Other than this it's all very straightforward meetpoint cutting and the meets on the crown are even easier than they seem to be (assuming you have been precise in cutting the pavilion).

It is designed, and test-cut, for quartz, but ray-tracing shows that will work very well also with materials with a little higher RI's (beryl, topaz, tourmaline, etc.). Not checked for very high RI's, but it should perform well also with them.