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I bought a nice spessartite garnet from Lisa Elser in Tucson 2012, and I just couldn't figure out what to do with it. It could have either cut a deep oval, with lots of material loss, or a REALLY shallow square. Well, now that I have GemCAD, I realized that I could just design my own pattern, instead of trying to scale down the "Sixty One" pattern from Old Pueblo! I have a feeling I can pull a good 30%+ out of this stone with this pattern.

I decided to try my hand at non-mirror symmetry this time around, and it turned out pretty interesting. Very rotate-y and slightly confusing. There's GREAT light return, but that's what you get when you write a design for such a high-RI material. I intentionally underestimated the RI of spessartite, just in case I had one of those slut garnets with random bits of pyrope or almandine or whatever else hooks up with whatnot. The pattern works in any material from zoisite to CZ (RI = 1.69 - 2.16) with no changes, but I wouldn't try and lower the RI any further.

Just FYI, this pattern is also perfect for sphene! I always seem to find it in annoying thin pieces, so if you scale the pavilion to 90% and the crown to 120%, you'll get a stone that's still very shallow, but brings out some of the dispersion (not quite enough, but decent amounts).

Cutting is very straightforward - after you cut G1, you'll have random weirdness in the girdle that gets straightened out with P2, so that's the only real area that you might mess up your girdle outline. Other than that, it's very easy to cut. BTW, the C6 facets are optional - they add to the scintillation, but if you're lazy or your stone is small, leave them out.

Difficulty level = high beginner