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This design was written for a very deep piece of topaz with a lot of color zoning. The rough came pretty much exactly in this shape, so I just kinda ran with it. It's surprisingly well performing, decent scintillation, blah blah blah.

I highly doubt that this can be cut in lower RIs - you'd need a massively deep pavilion to hold it. Yes, I know, rectangles and high L/W shapes aren't the best for barions, but whatever. Since the crown is so shallow, if you're cutting this in a dispersive material I'd raise the crown. A lot.

When you're cutting the crown, watch out. The corners have 8 facets meeting together, and messing up there will make the crown a royal pain in the ass to get to meet. There are also a lot of facets with very similar indices and angles (C5-C6, C10-C11), so be very careful. A lot of the crown could probably just be prepolished in, which might save a lot of heartache.

I'm not really sure how you would set a stone with a pavilion 5 times deeper than the crown, and the rough I have is an 80+ carat topaz, so I don't even know what to do with something that size anyway. Maybe a display piece or a pendant or something...

CUTTING NOTE: the crown on the shallow version is very low, with angle(s) < 10*. If you choose to cut this, please be careful.

Note: the "shallow" version can be cut from topaz to CZ with no changes (RI = 1.61 - 2.16), but the "deep" version can be cut from feldspar to CZ with no changes (RI = 1.52 - 2.16).

Difficulty level = low intermediate

P.S. Check out the absurdly deep version for a COMPLETE change in reflection pattern!

Seikyou (deep version) (render).jpg