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Note: This diagram is one of an ongoing suite of stones. <put link here once I'm done with the suite>

No, there isn't really a client who asked for a "checkerboard with triangles" instead of a "triangular checkerboard". I just thought that would be really funny. Originally, I was wondering why nobody really mixed symmetry with checkerboards, so I sat down and tried to see how many equilateral triangles I could reasonably cram into a square. Turns out, with a large enough square, you can fit quite a few triangles, and you get really good packing!

The design is surprisingly bright in all materials from feldspar to CZ (RI = 1.52 - 2.16) with no changes. With sphene particularly, you can make the design more shallow (to fit the normal, thin pieces), and it'll still have lots of dispersion. The areas of extinction are much smaller in lower RIs, so if you want to reduce them in the higher RIs, you should add the following pavilion facets: P4 - 40.33 [96-24-48-72].

The pavilion cuts very easily, since it's just a boring old CAM. The crown may look complicated to cut, but it's very easy and straightforward. Be careful, though - the C1-C4 facets are 2-fold symmetric, NOT 4-fold symmetric.

Difficulty level = low intermediate