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Honestly, I kinda just wrote this design randomly, without intent, without rough, just as a way to procrastinate on cleaning and studying for histology (again). Somehow, it magically turned out decent! When I rendered it, it turned out very well in both canary/electric yellow, and intense red. So reasonably, the best materials to cut this in would be Oro Verde quartz, a low- to medium-saturation chrome pyrope, or yellow YAG.

The reflection pattern in yellow is very reminiscent of lightning bolts, almost Pikachu-esque. There is a small tilt window, but it's pretty small. The pattern works in any RI from 1.54 - 2.16 with no changes, although the reflection pattern becomes less lightning bolt-y and more radiation hazard-y as you increase the RI of the material. The corners do leak a bit of light, but a cut stone in daylight will be brighter than the render indicates.

Since the stone is generally not too bright, and focuses on an interesting extinction pattern, here's a tip. If you want TONS of light return, all you need to do is scale down the crown by half. BAM! Instant tons of light.

As for cutting concerns, there are a limited number of codependent meets, but those codependent meets don't have too many facets. I might have put in a bit too many facets for my own, incredibly lazy cutting habits, but there aren't any facets that are close in index/angle, so I don't foresee problems with overcutting. This one will just take a bit of patience.

Oh, and just so you all know, I was THIS CLOSE to naming the design "Butts". Nobody reads these discussion pages except for Merryn anyway, so it's not like anyone will see this.

Difficulty level = mid intermediate