Shifter55 - Neutrino

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Possibly the simplest Triolette that can be cut, with only 12 facets. The main challenge is likely to come from trying to cut anything fairly large in it! Best in RIs higher than 1.70, and can have a top facet cut after everything is polished to allow a hole to be drilled for setting.

This should be suitable for both light and dark material, and if you are up to the challenge I would try it in a large piece of Danburite or twinned Calcite to take advantage of some of the long light paths this has (the dark center in the upwards tilt doesn't window, gemray won't render it properly).

If you cut this, please consider posting an image here or messaging me on the forum with a picture of the cut stone.

Click on this link to download the .pdf file: File:AetherNeutrino.pdf

Image Gallery

Render in Spinel with 10° head shadow

Render in Cubic Zirconia with 10° head shadow