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This design is based off a much older cut I found on, the Janus Cut, only I went with smaller tables and a properly reflecting outline. Epimetheus shares the orbit of Janus, so why not?

Unfortunately this does require a CAM preform to establish table width until the full set of tiers can be cut in, so be gentle when moving the stone on the machine. This resembles the Vesica Piscus a little, but good light return requires parabolic curves in place of circles. As such Tangent-Ratioing may take it out of optimal curve. Cut this in RIs 2.0 to 2.5, and I recommend trying it in light-toned cubic zirconia for the best light return.

If you cut this, please consider posting an image here or messaging me on the forum with a picture of the cut stone.

Click on this link to download the .pdf file: File:Epimetheus.pdf

Image Gallery

Render in Cubic Zirconia with 10° head shadow