Huynh - Beginner Trillion

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Beginner Trillion - Michiko Huynh

This design is good with most gem materials. It is easy and a good practice for the CAM pre-form. The pre-form serves as the pavilion. The pavilion facets 1 and 2 form a cone. The pavilion facets 3 and 4 are the girdle. The splitters (pavilion facets 5) are optional. The test-cut stone below is without the splitters.

About CAM

The Cone Angle Method (CAM) is a way to cut a girdle outline following the cone with prescribed angles. The center of the cone must be located at the center of the dop. After you cut the cone, you cut the girdle at 90 degrees linking one girdle facet to the next girdle.

Click on this link to download the gemcad file: File:Beginner Trillion.gem

Click on this link to download the pdf file: File:BE4030~1.pdf

Michiko Huynh Photos

DSCF7476 edited.JPG
DSCF7509 edited.JPG