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This page will guide you through the required actions to post a design on the Gemology Project.

Step 1: Create an account & log in

To post designs to the Gemology Project, you need to first create an account. You can do this by filling in a request through the contact page. Your request will be processed as quickly as possible, but please allow us some time to do so. Normally, you should be able to access your account within 48 hours. You will receive an e-mail containing your user name and password from one of the administrators.

Once you have received your log-in details, you can proceed to the log in page. A link to this page is provided in the top right of your screen (Internet Explorer 8.0 requires the compatibility mode to be enabled). After you log in, you will have access to the "Edit Page" function, which is necessary to begin posting designs.

Step 2: Preparing the design

Programs required:

Part A: Step-by-step preparation of your design

  1. Make sure you have the required programs installed on your computer

Turning the .gem file into a pdf:

  1. Open the design in Gemcad
  2. click 'File' and then 'Print'
  3. Select 'PrimoPDF' as your printer
  4. Click 'OK'
  5. After a few seconds PrimoPDF will pop up:


  1. select a destination for the pdf (red arrow)
  2. click 'create pdf' (blue arrow)

You now have the design in pdf format in a folder of your choice

Turning the pdf into a jpeg of reduced size:

  1. Open the pdf in Photoshop
  2. Click 'image'
  3. Click 'image size'
  4. Reduce the image size to 800 pixels in width
  5. Save the file as jpeg in your designated folder ensuring the image size doesn't exceed 150kb by adjusting the quality to 9 or 8.

You have now created an uploadable image.

Uploading the .jpg and .gem files to the Gemology Project:

  1. Log into the Project using your user name and password
  2. Click 'upload file':


At the upload page you are asked to fill in two fields:

  1. The source. Click on the button indicated by the red arrow saying 'bladeren' (dutch for 'browse')
  2. select the jpg file and click 'open'
  3. Now fill in the summary field. Here you can add text that will accompany your design. Two required bits of information are: Name of the design and name of the author. If you want to write more you are more then welcome to.
  4. Once you are done click 'upload file'


If the file is larger then 150kb you will get a warning page. If it is only slightly over you can click 'ignore warning' and continue.

  1. The file will be parked on a page of it's own.
  2. repeat the process with the .gem file. This file will be parked onto a page of its own as well.

Now you are going to create a design page. It will only take a few minutes. Below will follow a tutorial on how to do it.

Creating a design page

Wiki pages are relatively easy to create when a similar page already exists. One simply has to copy the code and change the content. With this in mind we have created a template. This template allows you to create a design page in a few minutes. Let's start by looking at the code of an already finished page here. You can see that there is very little to it. Below you will find a step by step tutorial on how to reproduce a page like this with your own design.

Step by Step

  1. Open the gemology project in two more browsers (3 in total). Have this page sitting in one and start the next step in the second.
  2. Create a new page by entering the page title in the searchbox in the left menu. Use the author and design name as title. Example: 'Tolkowsky - Standard Round Brilliant' or 'Hunt - My Morning Field'. Start with the Author's last name!

The search result will say: no page with this exact title exists. Click on the 'this exact title' link and you will arrive at an editing page where you can create the page.

  1. In the editing box you paste the following text:

==replace this text by the Design's name and Author's name==

You can comment on this design by clicking on the discussion tab above.

Click on this link to download the gemcad file: [[place the .gem file page title here]]

[[place the .jpg file page title here|center|800px]]

[[Category:Designs by Author]]

We are now going to replace the bold printed bit of text with the proper coding.

  1. replace this text by the Design's name and Author's name Here you fill in the title of the design and your name leaving the == == in place on both sides of the title. Example: 'Standard Round Brilliant by Tolkowsky'
  2. place the .gem file page title here During the uploading process, explained in the first part of this tutorial, you have parked the .gem file at a page of it's own. To retrieve the page title we now use the third browser to go to the 'recent changes' page which can be found by clicking on the 'recent changes' link in the left menu. Here you will find a list of all the changes made over the last few days. Two of those changes are your uploading activities. Click on your .gem file page link.
  3. Select the page title and copy it:


Substitute the place the .gem file page title here text with the title you just copied.

  1. Do the same with the .jpg file: go to the recent changes page in your third browser, click on the uploaded jpg version and select the title. Replace place the .jpg file page title here with the title of the jpg page.
  2. hit the 'show preview button' to check whether the page comes up the way it is supposed to. The editing box remains accessible at the bottom of the preview. If something doesn't come up properly compare the text of your page with the text given above in between the two lines. There may be a bracket missing or a vertical stripe may have been deleted in the process.

All we have to do now is assigning 5 categories to the page so it can be found when people search by RI, L/W, gear, shape or amount of facets. This we do by choosing the correct categories from the following options:

Pick your RI: Pick your shape: Pick your L/W ratio:

[[Category:RI = 1.50 - 1.60]]

[[Category:RI = 1.61 - 1.70]]

[[Category:RI = 1.71 - 1.80]]

[[Category:RI = 1.81 - 1.90]]

[[Category:RI = 1.91 - 2.00]]

[[Category:RI = 2.01 and up]]

[[category:Design Shape Round]]

[[Category:Design Shape Oval]]

[[category:Design Shape Square]]

[[category:Design Shape Drop]]

[[category:Design Shape Pear]]

[[category:Design Shape Cushion]]

[[category:Design Shape Triangle]]

[[category:Design Shape Heart]]

[[category:Design Shape Navette]]

[[category:Design Shape Pentagon]]

[[category:Design Shape Rectangle]]

[[category:Design Shape Hexagon]]

[[category:Design Shape Octagon]]

[[category:Design Shape Old Mine]]

[[category:Design Shape Shield]]

[[Category:Design Shape Other]]

[[Category:L/W = 1.000-1.099]]

[[Category:L/W = 1.100-1.199]]

[[Category:L/W = 1.200-1.299]]

[[Category:L/W = 1.300-1.399]]

[[Category:L/W = 1.400-1.499]]

[[Category:L/W = 1.500-1.599]]

[[Category:L/W = 1.600-1.699]]

[[Category:L/W = 1.700-1.799]]

[[Category:L/W = 1.800-1.899]]

[[Category:L/W = 1.900-1.999]]

[[Category:L/W = 2.000-2.999]]

[[Category:L/W = 3.000-4.999]]

[[Category:L/W = Variable]]

Gear categories: Amount of facets:

[[category:Gear = 32]]

[[category:Gear = 64]]

[[category:Gear = 72]]

[[category:Gear = 77]]

[[category:Gear = 80]]

[[category:Gear = 96]]

[[category:Gear = 120]]

[[category:1-49 Facets]]

[[Category:50-99 Facets]]

[[category:100-149 Facets]]

[[category:150-199 Facets]]

[[category:200-249 Facets]]

[[category:250-499 Facets]]

[[category:450-999 Facets]]

Copy the correct categories including the double brackets and paste them below eachother at the bottom of your design page.


You can now hit submit and your design is published.

Commenting on designs

By clicking on the discussion tab of a design page you can enter comments. Please end your comments with your name and a horizontal line so that seperate posts will be obvious. Simple editing tools are provided in a toolbar directly above the editing box. Select the text you want to have certain features and click on the toolbar button of your choice.

To upload an image of a stone you have cut in that particular design you will have to use the uploading feature:

Uploading image files to the Gemology Project:

  1. Make sure you have a version of the image on your hard drive that doesn't exceed 150kb in size.
  2. Click 'upload file':


At the upload page you are asked to fill in two fields:

  1. The source. Click on the button indicated by the red arrow saying 'bladeren' (dutch for 'browse')
  2. select the jpg file and click 'open'
  3. Now fill in the summary field. Here you can add text that will accompany your image.
  4. Once you are done click 'upload file'

You will arrive at the image page. Copy its title and place the the following code in your comment: [[image page title|left|500px]]

You can play with the positioning of the image by replacing 'left' by 'right' or 'center'. The image size can be changed by replacing the 500 by a larger or smaller number. The maximum size is 800px.

If you have any questions you can use the GP section on gemologyonline or use the contact link in the left menu.