Blue Peruvian Opal

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Chemical composition SiO2+.H2O
Crystal system Amorphous
Hardness 5- 6 1/2
Refractive index 1.45 (+.020;-0.080)
Specific gravity 2.15 (+0.07;-0.90)
Lustre Vitreous
Phenomenom Play of Color

The name comes from the source from where it is mined, the Peruvian Andes.
Other tradenames include Andean opal, Andean blue opal, Andean blue silica and blue opal.



Aquamarine to seagreen color due to trace amounts of copper.


Main source: San Patricio, Peru.


Opal is relatively soft, Peruvian opal should be treated with care as it can be scratched by any harder material. Wash in warm soapy (non-detergent) water.