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This project was started by 4 gemologists and gemology students from 3 different continents. Our origin lies in an online forum where we met and shared ideas. The thing that binds us is the love for gemology at any level and the desire to share this knowledge.

After lots of well intentions and soon forgotten ideas we thought it was time to bundle our forces and actually start a project that combines as much gemological information as we could. The starting date is January 19th 2006 and this date is nicknamed "Julian-day" after the person who originally came up with the idea about 2 years prior to our starting point. Alas, Julian is not one of our founding members.

Although we are starting out small, we hope new writers and gemologists will join us and make this a joined effort that could provide the gemological professionals, students as well as consumers with a good source of information.

Anyone wanting to join our project is welcomed.

Have fun reading our continuous battle with the stones,

Doos 01:30, 20 January 2006 (CET)