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Trottola - Marco Voltolini

Fluorite featuring the "Trottola" design (I've used the tangent-ratio method to get 45deg for pavillion mains (A tier))
Bytownite. Image courtesy of Egor Gavrilenko

This is a simple square barion design. I've been enjoying and cutting a design like this but with a conventional step crown, very performing especially for small stones. Then I got bored and I wanted something different so I thought about a simple crown, with a few facets, but a little different from what you can usually find around. So this design was born. I test-cut the "trottola" on a fluorite piece (see figure on the right), using 45deg mains to account for the very low RI. I like the results, there's a nice reflections pattern, and now I'm ready to cut this again; I see a good potential for my small and "short" tourmaline crystals with a light color. Or an amethyst matched pair...

Just pay attention to the E tier, if you are not very precise in cutting the previous facets you'll need to slightly change the angle to get perfect meets. This is also why left this tier as last, except for the table, in the cutting sequence.