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Tristriped - Marco Voltolini

Test-cut in light amethyst quartz

This is a design I've waited a lot of time before cutting it. It is obviously not an easy one and I feared it was not worth the effort. I've to say that I'm very pleased by the results and it is not THAT difficult to cut. But is not an easy one either. Those meetpoints will require some time. My advice would be cutting the A and J tiers as the last ones: tweaking with the angles at that stage will make cutting proper meetpoints much easier.

As a principle, it should not be extremely good when cut in quartz, but I'm pleased with the results. Better than expected. Look at my test-cut picture, maybe do some ray-tracing, and draw your own conclusions. I'd also cut this design in big stones only: ~5 ct would be the best, I think, and I wouldn't go lower than 3 ct. The day I'll have a nice and bright big topaz and a spare afternoon, I'll cut this one again.