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Tripsy - Marco Voltolini

Amethyst quartz (from Italy!)
Pakistani peridot

This is another design I ended up following somehow the "minibarion" concept of A. Wolkonsky. The reult is a diagram easy to cut and with a very nice performance and pretty reflections pattern. I test-cut it in quartz, peridot and apatite, and I've always been very pleased with the results.

Concerning the cutting, everything is straightforward, only pay some attention to the tier '5'. In fact you could leave it out (it won't affect the performance noticeably), but I prefer to cut it to give the design a feeling of symmetry and "completeness", straightening those barion facets.

So if you have a small to medium sized piece of rough and you are looking for a simple but pretty cutting diagram, give "tripsy" a try.