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Trilled - Marco Voltolini

Very dark and big tourmaline. The "E" tier (see diagram) has not been cut here

Yellow scapolites. The one to the left features this design

This design is VERY easy and fast. I designed it for darker rough such as the tourmaline on the right. It performs well also with dark garnets, but it doesn't do miracles, of course... It's a good design when you are in a hurry or when you want to test something e.g. new polishing techniques and you need a good but quick design with both large and smaller facets. And you want a nice stone as well, once finished.

Very easy also for a beginner, just pay attention to the "E" tier, or you can omit it. I forgot to cut it two times before rearranging the cutting instructions... but it's not a fundamental tier, even if I prefer to have it cut.