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Star and Stripes - Marco Voltolini

Test-cut in Swiss smoky quartz

This was my first entry at the 2013 faceting design contest, on the GemologyOnline forum. Or better: this is the design before the perversion of angels and facets needed to meet the contest rules. That one was not really satisfactory performance-wise (and also less fun to cut), so I'm posting this one. Please, if you are planning to cut this design, cut this version. :)

For quartz, and similar materials, you can leave some facets frosted and the effect will be nice. You can also polish all the facets and the resulting stone will be lively, with an interesting reflection pattern. For higher RI's I don't know if keeping frosted facets would be a great idea, but with this crown and the high RI I would try to take advantage of the optical properties of the material and polish all the facets.

Please notice that setting this stone, if you intend to do so, would require a skilled stonesetter/metalsmith, but I can think about at least a coupla creative ways to set this stone.

You could also think about cutting three matching stones in synthetic ruby, sapphire, and colorless corundum for a US patriotic suite. If you do that please let me know, and maybe we could add a photo here.