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Squilliant - Marco Voltolini

Test-cut in K-feldspar from Madagascar
Rendering for citrine quartz

The Voltolini -Squartuguese design has become relatively popular, but still its performance on RI's low as quarts is poor, especially because it's prone to tilt windowing. Cutting a lot of quartz, I decided to design something on the same line, but with a better performance for low RI's. And this is the result: a square shape with a brilliant pavillion and a step cut crown.

When cutting this design I advise you to ~follow the proportions of the design for the step width and table size on the crown. A small-ish table will help with the optical performance of the stone. A table as wide as the one of the squartuguese will make the stone look a bit worse. The asymmetrical position of the culet facets on the pavillion creates a neat effect and scintillation. It will look like a stone with more facets, and very lively.

I test-cut it in feldspar and quartz (and on garnet) and it cuts fast, and provides a pretty stone. It's very easy to cut as well, so there's no excuse for you not to try this.