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Sparkly dome - Marco Voltolini

9.90ct Brazilian smoky quartz
20.15 ct. sphalerite. Cut and picture by Egor Gavrilenko
Rendering simulating this design in sapphire. Image courtesy of Egor Gavrilenko

I like the Voltolini - Squartuguese, but that one would not be very satisfactory for quartz, I think. So I decided to try the same pavilion with a higher crown and a smaller table. This crown was quite satisfactory from ray tracing simulations so I decided to cut it. Results are pleasant as it can be seen from the picture of the test-stone cut, on the right.

I think this design would perform very well at higher RI's in stones where you aim to boost dispersion. For sparkle I personally prefer the Voltolini - Squartuguese, it's more "classic", with a simple step cut crown and the extra labor to cut this crown may just not be worth the trouble if you are after sparkle only, in high RI's materials.

Care is needed in cutting the crown since some meetpoints are not very easy (e.g. meeting A, B, C, E). I particular I'd suggest to pay attention to the "D" tier, since small angle adjustments are likely to be needed to properly meet all the facets.