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Morning glory - Marco Voltolini

Test-cut in citrine quartz, perpendicular view
Test-cut in citrine quartz
Large light citrine quartz
Rendering simulating amethyst quartz

Well, I saw a morning glory flower while going home and I decided to try to design something with a similar symmetry. This is the result.

Target RI is quartz, I test-cut a stone in citrine and it's quite pretty and similar to the rendering.

It is designed for quartz, but it should work well for also higher RI's. Cutting should be easy if some attention is paid to some tiers that will cut very fast... my advice would be to cut the girdle and the first 5 mains only (tiers 1 and 2) with the coarse grit laps and cut all the remaining facets with your finest lap (or even the pre-polishing lap if your stone is very small, even if my advice is not to cut this design in small stones)

I've rendered a version of this design omitting tiers 3, 4 and 5 and it looks pleasant to the eye, even if much less sparkly. But this option may be considered when cutting a small stone or in case of trouble.