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Marquise del grillo - Marco Voltolini

Ugly-color tourmaline test-cut

Rendering to test the design using topaz RI

I wanted to design a marquise with a "classical" outline, suited for small-medium sized topaz and tourmaline pieces of rough, and I came out with this one. Nothing really peculiar, just a marquise with a brilliant-like crown, easy to cut, with a good performance. Cutting is not difficult at all, if you pay attention in cutting a precise centerpoint in the pavilion.

Given the angles in the pavilion this design is not suited for quartz (one tier would be below the critical angle). To cut this in quartz, you should tweak the angles of both pavilion and crown to try to get something acceptable light return. Higher RI's are not a problem, instead, making this a good design for e.g. garnet also.

If you cut this design please consider posting a picture of your stone on this page, to have something more pleasant to the eye than the tourmaline on the right...