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Markoh-i-noor - Marco Voltolini

Rendering simulating rose quartz

I wanted a design with a very high dome. I was looking for something good for an opal piece, then I came out with this one that seems well suited for good quality (I mean almost transparent) rose quartz. Angles are set for quartz and you can cut it also in transparent quartz, just consider that the tilt performance will not be great (that's also why I suggest to cut it in translucent, low-RI materials).

It should be also a nice design for those materials you want to boost dispersion. Just keep in mind that I tuned this design to be cut in rose quartz.

Please notice the pavilion mains at 35 degrees: this particular crown allows such a shallow pavilion for quartz without getting a "fisheye". I did some rendering to check performance, but this one really needs a test-cut in the real life: so if you cut one please let me know, I would be happy also to add a picture of your stone and your comments in this page, if you like.