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Kokoro 1&2 - Marco Voltolini

Test-cut of kokoro 1 in morganite (beryl)
Rendering of kokoro 2 for garnet

This is the first "heart" design I post. This is not the simplest I have done, but it still has a small number of facets.

Despite its simple look it is not a very easy design to cut. Meeting all the facets after cutting the crown will require a little work. Nothing too difficult, but you need some patience and the skills acquired after cutting some stones. If you've just started faceting, don't cut this as your first (or second...) stone and you should be fine. Pay attention to the K tier (see the diagram of "kokoro 1") since the angle is relatively low, but far from being uncuttable on both my machines. Still it could create some trouble.

For bigger stones I'd advise to cut "Kokoro 2" since it has some culet facets to increase the scintillation.

This design will work for quartz and similar RI's. It will work also for higher RI's, but if the difference in RI is large you might want to make the pavillion a bit shallower and the crown a bit higher.