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Hunny 1&2 - Marco Voltolini

Simulated rhodolite garnet rendering for the "Hunny 1" design.
Simulated citrine quartz rendering for the "Hunny 2" design.

Two variations of the same cut. "Hunny 1" crown looks more elegant, but the performance is worse than "Hunny 2" especially with low RI's such as quartz (because the lack of a true table and the position of the culet). My suggestion would be to cut #1 in higher RI materials, such as garnets, CZ, etc. and cut #2 in any material (quartz and higher RI's).

Cutting these should be very straightforward, as much as pear shapes allow. A warning about this design is that it has not been test-cut yet, but there should be no bad surprises...

This could also be an interesting design for recutting native stones with odd shapes (or inclusions), and off-centered culets and/or for repairing badly chipped stones.

Hopefully I'll be able to post a picture of an actual stone. In the meanwhile if you cut anything in this design please consider submitting here a picture and maybe some comments. It's always good to have a picture of a real stone!