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Htims bar - Marco Voltolini

Test cut in citrine quartz

Same stone as above

Another "inverted" opposed bars design evolved from the Voltolini - Desoppo bars the but for larger stones and suitable (and test cut) also for quartz (see pictures). Steep ends should make this cut suitable for tourmaline with dark/ugly c-axis. This is not as easy as it may look, but it's either not too difficult to cut. L/W can vary, only be sure to not make it too short (or exceedingly long). The effect is quite different from the classic opposed bar cuts (like the famous J. Graham's "Smith bar"), the pixellation effect being quite more like a "wave" here. Less regular than the "normal" opposed bars. This is likely due to the different angles on the pavillion tiers needed to get facet junctions parallel. But the overall effect is interesting and I think this design is worth to cut, especially when you become tired of the "normal" opposed bars. I probably like the "normal" opposed bar designs (I'm a big fan of this design concept) a little more than this one, but sometimes you just want to change and try something different.