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Grilled - Marco Voltolini

Citrine quartz, Top view

Citrine quartz

This design features a wavy girdle. It's one of my very first designs, it took me some time before deciding to proof-cut it because I thought it was difficult. Actually it is less difficult than expected, it only requires some time and patience to meet all the facets properly.

A table would improve the light return, but I liked the "grilled" appearance (this design reminds me a sort of Korean BBQ, hence the name "grilled"), so I decided to let it without. I've cut a YAG with a similar crown with a small table and the effect is nice, by the way.

The wavy girdle is nice, with the corners of the stone pointing up, and adds a peculiar look to the stone. I have no idea how much more difficult the setting in a jewel would be, anyway.