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Fiordaliso - Marco Voltolini

Test-cut in lab sapphire
Rendering for sapphire

This is basically a cut-corner pentagon with a Portuguese-ish pavillion and a scissor crown. The effect is very sparkly and the stone will result very lively.

It's not too difficult to cut, just pay attention meeting tiers 5 (centerpoint -or cut to the same height-, but only one half of them will meet with tier 4), and tier F, which might require some adjustments to properly meet everywhere if you have not been very precise (that's why I chose to cut this tier as the last one).

This is for materials with high RI's and won't work es. on quartz. Maybe on topaz, but sure for tourmaline and above, even if I'd cut this on spinel, corundum or garnet for some extra sparkle. Then if you have something with even higher RI and dispersion, even better.