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Domestic - Marco Voltolini

Rendering simulating this design cut in citrine quartz.
Rendering simulating this design cut in red CZ.

I had a big chunk of citrine quartz and I was planning to cut this design before I decided to use a combination cut on that piece. So this design was resting in my computer. Anyway I'd like to cut it since I think it would produce a very nice stone. A dome, cut at home. So "domestic". :) Keep in mind that this stone has not been test-cut yet.

I tried to get good angles for quartz, but this design should work well for any material with higher RI's. Also check the rendering on CZ: it looks quite promising to me.

Cutting a small table in quartz would be a bad idea since the pavilion mains are 40 deg. This was done to optimize the light return of the stone facing up, since with quartz and portuguese-style pavilions it is very likely to get a thick darker ring in the outer part of the stone, especially in domes; these angles try to keep this problem to a minimum. Higher RI's should be no problem, the high crown should aid to boost dispersion.

If you cut anything with this design please consider posting a pic and/or comment in this page. A stone cut in the real life tells much more!