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Cipolla - Marco Voltolini

8.10 ct. prasiolite quartz test-cut
Rhodolite garnet test-cut
Rendering simulating amethyst quartz

Given the shape of this cut I gave it the name of "cipolla" ("onion", in Italian). I think this would make a pretty alternative for those pieces of rough that are triangular in shape, but you just aren't in the mood for cutting a trillion. This shape would be ideal for a pendant stone or for an accent stone to be placed on the top, or around, bigger ones, in my opinion. This design also features a "classic" pattern that is similar to the brilliant cuts, it could be considered a sort of "fat pear brilliant", I guess. If you are looking for a design with the same outline, but less classic you can have a look at the "Artishock", featuring a sort of checkerboard crown and no pavilion "splitters" facets, to get an interesting pattern of reflections.

This design cuts straightforwardly and it is very pleasant to cut, for a pear. Because of this bonus (and because it is indeed pretty) I've already cut it twice. There are no many design I cut more than once, let alone two in a row...