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==Camomilla - Marco Voltolini==  
==Camomilla - Marco Voltolini==  
[[File:P1070935.JPG|thumb|right|350px|Test-cut in citrine quartz]]
[[File:P1070935.JPG|thumb|right|350px|Test-cut in citrine quartz]]
[[File:Camomilla cit.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Test-cut in citrine quartz]]
[[File:Camomilla cit.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Rendering citrine quartz]]
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<br clear="left" />

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Camomilla - Marco Voltolini

Test-cut in citrine quartz
Rendering citrine quartz

This cut is clearly similar to Voltolini - Ops a daisy! but this one features a "button" with a triangular checkerboard instead of the one made with rectangles.

You can polish all facets or leave some frosted, the one I cut and the pattern shaded on the diagram is just a suggestion, just don't think that meeting all the facets with a mix of polished and frosted one will be easy. This is not a very difficult diagram, but it's not for the beginner. Please pay attention at the last tier since the angle is quite shallow.

I made this to work with quartz, but higher RI's should have no problems.