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Benibara - Marco Voltolini

Cut in amethyst
Rendering for rhodolite garnet

Another design showing why you do need an 80 index gear!

This design should represent a very stylized rose, hence the name (= "red rose"). I set the angles to work well also with quartz, but if you find a nice red garnet to cut your red rose you should not be disappointed (see rendering picture). I've cut it in a velvety Uruguayan amethyst and I'm very pleased with it. I will cut it soon in a light colored material (I've a pink tourmaline on its way) to check in person the final effect, but the renderings are very promising.

This is quite easy and straightforward to cut, with some attention to pay on the last tier.

It's also a table-less design so it's a bit faster to cut and it's also possible to drop the angles of the pavillion a little (if you notice the pavillion mains are below the critical angle for quartz, but it cuts in quartz without windowing).