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Barrel 1&2 - Marco Voltolini

Heliodor cut in the "Barrel 1" design.
Rhodolite garnet cut in the "Barrel 2" design (angles slightly modified).
Simulated amethyst rendering for the "Barrel 1" design.

These are two variations of the same design. The "Barrel 1" is more simple and should perform a little better than the second version. I think is more suitable for quartz and lower RI materials. On the other hand the "Barrel 2" should not be very satisfactory with quartz, and the more complex pavilion should make it quite difficult to cut, if compared to "Barrel 1" (look also at the suggested cutting sequence). So my suggestion would be to cut the #2 in larger stones with high RI's such as garnets, YAG or CZ. It should make a very nice stone and I'm always looking for some good looking and performing oval designs a little different than usual (I'm not really fond of ovals in general, but a lot of material calls for such a shape, so...).

This design was also made with recutting in mind (even if the crown is probably too high considering the proportions of native cut stones, but I like the performance of crowns as high as the design can handle, before the light return performance drop when it's too high).

I test-cut "Barrel 1" with a pretty piece of yellow beryl and I'm extremely happy with the results. It has not been difficult to cut and the resulting stone is very sparkling with a beautiful reflections pattern. I'll definitely cut this design again. A "Barrel 2" in CZ should turn out very well.