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Dale's 11 - Dale P. Carriere

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6.0 ct Umbalite Garnet from the Umba Valley Tanzania
Faceted by Dale P. Carriere
Photo by Jeffrey Hunt

African Umbalite Garnet

This stone is unique for two reasons,

1) it is Umbalite. 2) it has been cut with odd symmetry.

Umbalite is undoubtedly the finest of the red garnets. It is also one of the Rhodolites. Rhodolite is not a garnet varietal but merely a color description of a type of garnet. Being a color description Rhodolite has many variations. When it was first discovered it was named “Rhodolite” after the pink/red Rhododendron flower. But that discovery was soon depleted and subsequently anything resembling that color was named after the famed “Rhodolite”. This gemstone is a true rhododendron color, one of the very few you will find. It is true gem “Rhodolite” and was sourced from the Umba Valley in Tanzania, Africa.

Round Brilliant (RB's) gemstone designs you find in retail outlets are symmetrical, they usually have eight main facets. It's the “norm”, it's what everyone expects to see and it is what they see and only what you see. I have deviated from the norm and cut this Umbalite garnet in an odd symmetry. I have used eleven main facets. It's my belief that odd numbered symmetry gives RB's a little more excitement, a little more punch. This is the result of the internal optical interactions of an odd number of main facets. The odd symmetry coupled with the color and clarity of this high quality 6.06ct garnet gemstone yields a good example of exceptional quality that can be obtained with custom faceting.

Dale P. Carriere

Enjoy this unique one-of-a-kind Umbalite garnet.


Stone description from One World Gemstone June 2009