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This design was written for a 4-ish carat piece of seafoam tourmaline I got at Tucson 2012, from Five Lions. Great people, by the way, very friendly Afghanis with amazing tourmalines coming out their ears. The rough could have produced either a barion rectangle down the A/B, or a trillion down the C, each with decent yield. As for color, there was great seafoam green color on the A/B, but a paler sickly green down the C, with a bit of pink (!?). Of course, I went with the rectangle, but I hate cutting the corners off my designs - eff that noise. Somehow this design turned out great - I'm just way too lazy to try and fix the dark spots under the 24/72. Besides, the raytrace shows that it should resolve itself in daylight or with multiple background lights, so whatever.

The design works in RIs from beryl to zircon (1.56 - 1.93) with no changes, but I'd recommend doing at least some optimizing. The table windows if you go into the feldspar or fluorite range, but the rest of the design is still bright somehow. As always, raise the crown if you've got a material with high dispersion.

Thankfully, this design is nice and simple. The crown cuts with no problems, and the pavilion is a bare-bones barion with no secondary light-reflecting cone ("splitters", for you old folks who insist on using old terminology :P). You can fudge meetpoints pretty badly, and this stone will still turn out well.

Difficulty level = mid beginner