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Note: This diagram is one of a 3-part suite of stones. <put link here once I'm done with the suite>

This is the last of the recreations from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time". The original design, from what I could tell of the video game, is basically just an octagonal step cut. But that's boring, so I took an octagon and tried to make it a bit more interesting while staying true to the video game. This is the result.

I managed to make this really simple design bright by swapping between 4-fold radial symmetry and 8-fold mirror symmetry. It's nice and spirally, with great light return and surprisingly high tilt performance. It's an interesting stone for such a simple pattern! It works in any material from feldspar to rutile (RI = 1.52 - 2.62) with no changes, but I like it in chrome tourmaline or chrome diopside. I'm a sucker for chrome green.

There is not a single portion of this stone that could be considered difficult to cut. The only remote issue that might arise is the P2 facet tier, which might be a bit difficult for a brand-new faceter.

Difficulty level = mid beginner