Lembke - Tourmaline Caterpillar

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This is a design created at request by GemGalleryAfrica (23/09/15) on the Gemology Online forum for closed c-axis green tourmaline. A rectangular cushion outline and a keeled pavilion were also preferred, as was a design that’s a bit unusual. With 117 facets and meetpoints lacking, this is not the simplest of designs to cut, however the design tests well in Gemray. How the design performs in closed c-axis tourmaline is yet to be determined. Should you happen to facet this one please send me a photo of the finished stone (kjlembke@hotmail.com) so I can add it to this page and verify the performance of this design.

Click on this link to download the GemCad file :File:Tourmaline Caterpillar Final.gem

Click on the link to access the PDF version of this file :File:Tourmaline Caterpillar Final.pdf

Tourmaline Caterpillar PDF Sml.jpg