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Chemical composition SiO2
Silicon dioxide
Crystal system Trigonal
Habit Aggregate, massive
Fracture Conchoidal
Hardness 6.5-7
Refractive index 1.53-1.54
Specific gravity 2.58-2.64
Lustre Vitreous
Imperial Jasper Cabochon, Mexico
Photo courtesy of Rick Martin

Scenic jasper

Picture jasper, silhouette of a young woman
Image courtesy of Topsieraden.nl

Picture, or scenic, or landscape jasper and agate gets its name from the pictures of scenes, animals or objects formed by the colorful patterns from other minerals present.

Poppy Jasper

"Poppy Jaspers" are jaspers showing red orbicular patterns resembling poppies, hence the name. The best varieties come from Northern California, close to the S. Andreas Fault system (Morgan Hill and Guadalupe).