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CZ Port - Michiko Huynh

There are many Portuguese Cut designs available elsewhere, or you can even create one yourself. This one is for fun and cuts a very bright stone. It is good for high R.I. synthetics such as YAG, cubic zirconia, strontium titanate, synthetic rutile. It also works in natural stones such as zircon, diamond and demantoid garnet.

It is easy to cut…just a lot of repetition. Try to get good meets, because it tends to get sloppy.

If you are using the 64 index gear, devide all the index numbers by 1.5.

Click on this link to download the gemcad file: File:CZ Port 1.gem

Click on this link to download the pdf file: File:CZPORT~2.pdf

Michiko Huynh Photo

CZ, the winning entry of the Pretty Rock synthetics in portuguese contest 2010