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Beginner Asscher - Michiko Huynh

The Asscher is basically a step cut design in a cut-corner square. It looks easy and simple to cut. However, there are some challenges when cutting, because some of the steps float in. In the original design, there are diagonal step facets all the way to the culet tip in the pavilion.

In this modified design, those diagonal steps are eliminated in the last two steps. That makes this design easier to cut and the pavilion is suitable for low RI materials without being overly deep. It is good for most gem materials. If you want to cut this design with the 64 index gear, simply divide the index numbers by 1.5.

Cut the girdle outline as close as width : diagonal width = 1 : 1.15. For example, if the width is 8 mm, cut the diagonal width to 9.2 mm (8 x 1.15 = 9.2) using a caliper.

“Float” means the facet is NOT based on meet points. The facet should be cut carefully until it looks right.

Click on this link to download the gemcad file: File:Asscheroid3.gem

Click on this link to download the pdf file: File:ASSCHE~3.pdf

Michiko Huynh Photo

Lemon quartz