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Welcome to the Gemology Online Faceting Design Competition database!

All patterns on this page were written as part of Gemology Online's annual Faceting Design Competition. To access the diagrams, simply click on the image of the stone. To view the image up-close, click on the small "picture-in-picture" icon in the lower-right corner. If a computer rendering and an actual stone are displayed, clicking on the rendering will take you to the diagram, while clicking on the actual stone will take you to a page of test-cuts.

You can search this database in three ways:

  • By browsing the thumbnail images below
  • By combining search criteria in a database search (features designs from other pages as well)

Posting designs is restricted to the administrators of the faceting design competition. Please do not post your own designs here.

Overview of designs by competition year

2013 Competition

Link to competition page

"Minimalist" entries

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Minimalist Entry 1: Arya Akhavan - Coriolis
Minimalist Entry 2: Willie Klaja - Surveillance
Minimalist Entry 3: Jordan Wilkins - Alpha Stigma
Minimalist Entry 4: Ken Michalek - Astron
Minimalist Entry 5: Danny Hargreaves - WitchGem
Minimalist Entry 6: Michiko Huyhn - Minimalist
Minimalist Entry 7: Robert Strickland - No Stinkin' Badges
Minimalist Entry 8: Marco Voltolini - (name)
"Ostentatious" entries

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Ostentatious Entry 1: Willie Klaja - Post-Traumatic Cutting
Ostentatious Entry 2: Arya Akhavan - Time Well Wasted
Ostentatious Entry 3: Michiko Huyhn - Headache
Ostentatious Entry 4: Marco Voltolini - (name)
"Vindictive" entries

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Vindictive Entry 1: Jordan Wilkins - Decepticon
Vindictive Entry 2: Marco Voltolini - (name)
Vindictive Entry 3: Michiko Huyhn - For Fun
Vindictive Entry 4: Arya Akhavan - Retrograde Amelioration